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It Is Time to Schedule Your Next Subaru Service at Albany Subaru

If you want to keep your Subaru running in the top condition is was designed for, then you need to have routine maintenance performed on it. Even if everything seems to be running just fine, some components need to be looked after on occasion. This is why you want to visit Albany Subaru to have your Subaru serviced at various milestones in its life. This is how you retain the value of your vehicle and keep it driving like new. Our certified technicians can service or repair any part of your Subaru. All you need to do is bring it in.

Take a Look at the Current Specials

If you are like many car owners today, you are always taking a close look at your budget. Albany Subaru in Albany, CA understands that. This is why we are always working hard to bring certain service specials that you can take advantage of. Look for special coupons and offers that appear periodically and use them as a reminder to schedule your service. This will save you some money and get your Subaru looked after well at the same time.

Make Sure You Schedule Regular Service

It is important that you try to schedule routine maintenance on your Subaru. This is how you can avoid potentially costly repairs down the road. Certain components need to be replaced after you have driven so many miles. If you wait too long, the safety of the vehicle can be compromised. This is particularly important for your brakes and tires. Here are some general guidelines to keep in mind.

  • Have the fuel and air filters replaced every 12,000 miles
  • Make sure the tires are rotated every 6,000 miles
  • Check with Albany Subaru to learn how often your oil should be changed

Contact Albany Subaru when you are ready to schedule the next service for your Subaru. Our certified technicians are standing by to help take care of your vehicle for the duration of its life. We look forward to servicing you soon.