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Important Information Regarding the WTY-84 Valve Spring Recall

We, at Albany Subaru, appreciate your concerns regarding the recent release of the WTY-84 Valve Spring Recall. We take these matters very seriously and will work tirelessly to complete this recall on your Subaru as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our technicians will be attending Mandatory Training in the beginning of February to ensure that this recall will be performed as efficiently and effectively as possible. We are currently compiling a list of customers that require this recall to be performed. We will be contacting each customer on our lists to schedule these repairs. If you want to ensure that you are on our lists, please feel free to contact us at (510)528-1244 at your convenience. 

Due to the scope and size of this repair, we are not currently scheduling this recall on our online appointment scheduler. We will be reaching out to customers via phone and email to schedule. 

To avoid long wait times on the phone, please contact us for more information at

Thank You.

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