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Why buy from us? Simple... Transparency. We conduct our business the way we would like treated - open and honestly. We are serving 2nd generation customers and looking forward to the 3rd, and we could not do that without our customers.

Instead of being a big box retailer that screams "shop here", we are nestled away in a nice but not so flashy building where you can bring your children, 2-legged or 4-legged, to look at the models while sipping on a beverage and NEVER be pressured to buy right now.

Make no mistake about it - we want your business, but like you we too have families and we want to get home to be with them, and not staying till late hours haggling over $100! That way if we can make a deal that makes all parties happy, great! If not, we will tell you that too - no hard feelings, maybe next time.

We may not always be able to sell you a car but you will know that you will be treated right.