Here at Albany Subaru we're seeing more families choose a hybrid SUV as a primary vehicle. The most popular hybrid SUV in our inventory just might be the Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid. This stylish and functional vehicle is an example of how SUVs have evolved in an age where automotive efficiency is an important consideration for many car buyers.

The Benefits of Subaru Hybrid SUVs

Subaru has chosen to make the Crosstrek SUV its flagship hybrid. For those in the Bay Area, this SUV offers many benefits.

Versatility is one reason this SUV is a good fit for families. It can be driven around town on electric power. On longer trips, the Subaru Crosstrek provides exceptional fuel efficiency. Up to 90 miles can be driven on a full battery, and the overall range is 480 miles.

Nothing is sacrificed by choosing to purchase a hybrid. The Subaru SUV hybrid models still have plenty of cargo space. They can provide a reasonable amount of towing power. There is plenty of seating, and the Subaru Crosstrek has entertainment options that will please the whole family.

Reasons to Buy the Best Hybrid SUVs from Albany Subaru

The main reason to consider a hybrid SUV is efficiency. You are doing your part to help the environment by reducing emissions and carbon footprints. You don't have to be an environmentalist to appreciate efficiency. It also makes sense from a financial standpoint. You can reduce your fuel cost with a Subaru hybrid SUV.

If you are thinking about a hybrid, Subaru is a legendary name that has a strong reputation. Subaru vehicles tend to remain on the road for a long time, and the resale value holds up.

At our dealership in the Bay Area you are welcome to schedule a test drive. The best way to pick the best hybrid SUV is to explore one in person. Let our team show you all the benefits of a hybrid SUV.

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