How Well Does The Competition Compare To The Subaru BRZ

Part of shopping for a new car is checking out what the competition has to offer. This ensures that you are getting the best vehicle for you with the features you are looking for at the price you want to pay. To help our customers easily find the information they are looking for we have compared a few other models the sporty and stylish BRZ.

Two popular competitors of the Subaru BRZ are the Mazda MX-5 Miata RF and the Toyota 86. But neither of the contenders can really compare to the BRZ.

  • Powertrain: The first and most important thing that a sports car has to offer is powerful performance. Which is just the first way that the Subaru BRZ beats the competition. All three vehicles are powered by a 2.0L four-cylinder engine. The Mazda Miata only offers 155 horsepower while the Toyota 86 delivers 205 horsepower like the BRZ. But the BRZ utilizes a BOXER engine which delivers a smoother and more efficient performance.
  • Interior Space: Everyone wants to be comfortable behind the wheel and it is no secret that coupes are on the small side. So interior space really matters! Luckily the Subaru BRZ has a spacious interior with more total interior space, more legroom, more headroom, and more cargo space.
  • Price: At the end of the day no one wants to pay more for less and not only does the BRZ cost less than the competition. It also is better equipped for exhilarating performance. The Mazda Miata has a starting MSRP of $31,910 and the Toyota 86 starts at $26,455. The BRZ however starts at $25,595.

To experience other ways that the Subaru BRZ leaves the competition in the dust make your way down to Albany Subaru today for a test drive. Only from behind the wheel can you feel the thrilling performance that only the BRZ can offer. Also be sure to check out all of the ways you can save on a new BRZ! But if you already know that the BRZ has everything you are looking for head over to our online financing center to get a jumpstart on the paperwork.

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